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Wanna see big air?

Pull my finger!

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Husband and father of two boys and a girl. Engineer by trade and amateur off-road motorcycle racer.

"Nothing is more inherently political than our shared physical environment, and nothing is more ill served by allegiance to a single political party. Precisely because the environment is shared it cannot be managed by one faction according to its own economic or aesthetic preferences. Sooner or later, the opposing faction will take power, and previous policies will be reversed. Stable management of the environment requires recognition that all preferences have their place: snowmobilers and fly fisherman, dirt bikers and hikers, developers and preservationists. These preferences are at odds, and their incompatibility cannot be avoided. But resolving incompatible goals is a true function of politics" - Michael Crichton

Here's a shot of me riding my 2001 GasGas XC300 at the 2007 NETRA Snow Run Enduro.

Yet another one of me riding my vintage 1973 Bultaco 250 "Sherpina" at the 2007 3D Trials Club Picnic Trial in Oneonta, NY.

2008 Competition Results:

- 2/10, NETRA Snow Run Enduro -