catraprez (catraprez) wrote,

Fab Work - XR75 Chain Guide

One of the things missing from that pile of parts resembling a Honda XR75 was a chain guide. The stock chain guide was just a U-shaped piece of metal that bolted onto a bracket welded to the swingarm. The stock guide is no longer available from Honda and nobody manufactures and aftermarket guide. I could've searched e-bay for a used one, but IMHO it's fairly flimsy. On top of that the bracket welded to the swingarm was broken.

Broken chain guide bracket.

This, and some other damage, indicates the bike has had a history of chain derailments. Thus I decided to build a chain guide from scratch.

Step 1 - Fabricate a new bracket from 1" x 1/8" steel and weld it to the swingarm.

New bracket welded onto the swingarm. Luckily I had some red spray paint that's a close match.

Step 2 - Using the same 1" x 1/8" steel, make two side plates. Drill a couple holes in both plates. Use a couple shoulder bolts, nylon spacers, washers and nuts. Voila!

Instant chain guide.

Step 3 - Add a nylon roller from the old chain guide removed from my GasGas onto the lower spacer.

Looks good, no?

If I can scrounge up another freebie nylon roller I'll slip it over the top spacer.
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