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Project XR75 Almost complete!

Saturday my son and I finished up most of Project XR75. We changed out all the questionable fasteners and replaced most of the phillips-head screws with allen-heads. The petcock was rebuilt with new gaskets and a new strainer bowl as the hex on the old one was chewed up and rounded off.

With the fuel leaks taken care I poured what was left of the fresh gas I had into the tank. The bike started on the first kick! Still need to play around with the carburetor some. The idle speed is very erratic and the sparkplug was still pretty black. Might need to get a small dunk can of carburetor cleaner and a rebuild kit, which includes new brass. The only other items to work on are modifying the ignition cover, fixing the broken piece off the case with some steel-epoxy and fabricating a chain guide.

I picked up a 3-ft. section of 1" x 1/8" flat-stock to fabricate a chain guide. I'll need to weld a section onto what's left of the bracket that's broken off the swingarm. It's been years since I've done any welding, particularly gas welding. I've had one of those el-cheapo oxy-MAPP gas brazing outfits for a few years, but now I find myself with a real oxy-acetylene welding outfit. I did some brazing with it, on another project, Saturday. Slowly everything started coming back to me. I have enough extra stock to do some practice welding this week.

The season opener for the vintage motocross series is this coming Saturday. Unfortunately we are going to have to miss it. Not only does Jacob still need to learn how to ride with a real clutch, Saturday is his Cub Scout pack Pinewood Derby race. This years car is modeled after an off-road Trophy Truck. He's been sanding, priming and painting. I'll post some pics of it when he's done.
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