catraprez (catraprez) wrote,

More progress...

1) Replace throttle cable.
2) Replace shift shaft oil seal.
3) Rebuild petcock.
4) Replace foot peg/side stand bracket.
5) Standardize fasteners.
6) Fabricate chain guide.
7) Modify/waterproof ignition cover.

Replacing the oil seal required loosening the foot peg/side stand bracket, so I went ahead and swapped it out. The replacement bracket must've come off an XR80/100 as the side stand was longer. Swapping over side stands took care of the problem.

Still waiting on the petcock rebuild kit from Bike Bandit. The chain guide mounting bracket, on the swingarm, is broken. So I'll have to fabricate something. Going over to the hardware store at lunch and I'll look around to see what I can come up with. Lastly I need to modify and waterproof the ignition cover.
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