catraprez (catraprez) wrote,

Wednesdays Flying W Award

Posted this over on FB, but since some here don't care for or are not linked to my FB, I present to you my weekly entertainment.

Bill's Flying W Award

For those of you going "WTF is a flying W?" it's basically a, mostly, unintended manuever that happens primarily to off-road motorcyclists.

Picture this: Hands holding onto the bars with a death grip. Arms stretched out. Feet in the air with both knees bent. From the front it looks just like a "W".

This weeks inaugural Flying W Award winner is Jack Reggio. Now I don't know Jack... Wait, that didn't sound right? His buddy just posted a video of Jack on YouTube. Bummer! I think we'll be more likely to spot Jack stocking shelves late-night at Walmart than standing on the podium at a National MX or SX race. I'm certain Ricky Carmichael's (the GOAT) record is in no danger of being broken by Jack. No doubt Jack will break something, but I'm sure he's no stranger to plaster already.

That's gonna leave a mark!

Someone need to tell these kids not to build jumps in the woods.
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