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And the list grows

Okay, so I'm fairly confident I found the reason why the littl 75 was running rich and fouling spark plugs. The float height was way, way off. No wonder it would only start with the choke open and the throttle WFO.

Found a few other things that need repair and put some of the less critical items on the back burner. The one that really pissed me off was the damn kill-button I replaced. The one I had was NFG. Never liked that stupid Honda design anyway. Figured out which seal was leaking and, after I got the kill-button diagnosed, was able to check the ignition timing.

Found some other interseting things too. The frame is a '74, but the motor is a '73. The flywheel side cover has been cobbed together. Someone tig-welded the removable ignition cover to the flywheel cover. Looks like a pretty good weld job though. There's supposed to be three screws hold the flywheel cover to the case, but there are only two. The boss for the third screw was broken off probably from a chain derailment at some point.

Ended up buying $80 worth of parts from two different sources. Still wasn't able to find a kill-button, or at least the one I wanted, so I'll probably make a trip to a $tealer for one. Just need to find one who isn't going to hose me. Although it didn't need it, I bought an oval (vintage) front number plate. For $3 I couldn't pass it up.

1. Clean carburetor and set float height.
2. Drain fuel-tank.
3. Clean petcock.
4. Check ignition timing.
5. Fix oil leak, either shift shaft or countershaft seal. Ordered.
6. New throttle cable. PO replaced clutch and brake cables. Ordered.
7. Replace bent foot-peg/side-stand bracket. PO supplied replacement part.
8. Check/grease/replace suspension and wheel bearings.
9. Check all fasteners.
10. New clamp-on clutch perch and lever to replace slip-on perch. Ordered.
11. Replace fenders. PO installed aftermarket fenders from wrong-year XR75.
12. New seat foam and seat cover.
13. Replace fuel cap gasket. Ordered.
14. Replace rear fuel tank mounting rubber piece. Ordered.
15. Replace seat base mounting rubber pieces. Ordered.
16. Replace shock mounting nuts and washers. Ordered.
17. Replace kill-button.
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