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2010 Pinewood Derby

That's one happy boy! He scored a total of three trophies at the 2010 Cub Scout Pack 77 Pinewood Derby.

A much better showing after last years dismal result.

Eliminator - The car we built in 2009, which netted the Turtle Trophy for the slowest car in the pack.

This year we started over from scratch. Jacob chose the design, cut out the templates and traced them onto the block of wood. I let him cut the initial shape with a coping saw. Of course his woodworking skills leave a lot to be desired and I had to fix his mistakes as best I could. Once we had the basic shape, it was just a matter of sanding... Lots of sanding. When all that was complete Jacod said that it looked like the Batmobile. So after priming, and more sanding, we painted it gloss black.


After three coats of paint it looked pretty good, so we mounted the axles and wheels. Each axle was chucked in a drill and, using an ignition file, the flasing was removed. After last years fiasco with loose axles, we added and axle holder to the bottom. During the installation one of the screws split the wood near the front, but it held together. Once the axles were mounted and lubricated with graphite we weighed the car which must be no more than 5-ounces. Since the $5 Target scale isn't as accurate as the "official" Pack 77 scale, we used last years car, which weighed exactly 5-ozs. Originally the weight was affixed to the bottom. When that was done we took the car over and had it weighed on the Pack 77 scale and checked on the "official" fixture. It passed... Or so we thought. Luckily I did not check the car in.

On the day of the derby we brought the car to tech inspection and it passed for weight, but failed to pass the fixture. Turns out the weight on the bottom was hanging up on the guide rail. This most likely is what happened to last years car since we added weight to the bottom to achieve the 5-oz. weight limit. The person who checked the car the day before did not use the same technique with the fixture. With less than a half-hour before the race we quickly moved the weight from the bottom to the top, thus passing tech inspection.

There were a total of 24 entries this year with half of those from Jacob's Wolf Den. The Den Leader split them into two groups and in the Den Races Jacob picked up third place in his group. In the Pack race Jacob lost only one of three races, double-elimination, making it all the way to the semi-finals. He was the last to qualify for the 12 spots in the semi-finals. Unfortunately he went up against the eventual winning car and was knocked out in the semis.

After the races came the awards. Almost every kid walks away with a trophy. Aside from his third place trophy in the Den race he picked up one for Most Creative, as judged by the Den Leaders. He was even more suprised when his car also won Pack Favorite, which is voted on by all the Cub Scouts in the Pack. He was the only kid to score three trophies.

Batmobile and it's hardware.

Hopefully next years car will have even better luck!
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